Nicotine Tests-Triple Play

Nicotine Tests-Triple Play

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My Nicotine Tests-Triple Play

The Triple Play includes 3 test strips in vacuum-sealed pouches; 3 Disposable transfer pipette; Range of colors auto-calibration chart; Mailable test tube rack; (3) Three 13 x 100 mm Test tubes & caps, 3 pairs of protective vinyl gloves,  3 Computer vision licenses.  All components necessary to run 3 nicotine tests to receive the reports of biochemical nicotine consumption. (Total Nicotine Equivalents TNEs pronounced Tee-knees) back to your smartphone.   Save 5% more when buying a Triple Play.

Vacuum-sealed nicotine test pouches and accessories are suitable for mailing to your telehealth patients for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) or tobacco research subjects.

For Institutions purchasing more than 21 tests, please contact us for shipping details at or via chat.